The Twista Gun Coach Experience

TWISTA The Gun Coach Illinois Concealed Carry License and Basic Firearms Training course for your Illinois Concealed Carry License

The Twista Gun Coach Experience

Advance Firearms Training Course

What will you learn? Firearms Safety, Shooting Fundamentals, Proper Stance, Proper Grip, Proper Aim, Proper trigger Control, How to draw from a holster, Defensive Strategies and Most of All how to not be afraid of your Gun.

  • 9mm firearm included but students may use their own firearm if insured
  • Must bring 100 rounds of 9mm Ammo (not included)
  • 22lr Rounds and Firearm used as well (included)



Instructors: Certified Gun Camp Instructors and TWISTA

Length: 3hr class (1 hour in class and 2 hours in the gun range)

Cost: $350/person
$250/person for group of 4
$300/person for group of 2


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