Twista Gun Coach Concealed Carry Class

16-hour Concealed Carry - 2 Days

In the Gun Camp Concealed Weapons License and Basic Firearms Training course for your Illinois Concealed Carry License you will most importantly learn firearms safety as well as the fundamentals of shooting, real-world situation defensive shooting techniques, and how to defend yourself with a pistol. You will also gain a greater understanding of the State of Illinois laws pertaining to conceal carrying and self-defense.

Along with your CCL Certificate, the Course will provide Training In:

  • Physical and Verbal de-escalation
  • Physical Self-Defense
  • Using less Lethal Weapons
  • When to use your Firearm
  • Firearm & Gun Range Safety
  • Drawing from the Holster aiming and sight alignment
  • Proper Trigger Control, Stance & Grip